Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Alaska Airlines' Updated Livery

N549AS at Orange County Airport. Photo: VNAFlyer
Today I got lucky and took a flight on N549AS, an Alaska Airlines (AS) Boeing 737-800 (B738) that's the first to carry the updated livery. It operated as Flight 521 from Orange County (SNA) to Seattle-Tacoma (SEA), and afterward flew to Burbank (BUR).

It's not a complete rebranding by any means, more like an evolution of the current recognizable brand. The elements to note:
  • Updated "Alaska" wordmark
  • The dark blue is now a lighter navy blue
  • The teal is replaced by a deep green
  • The Eskimo logo on the tail (sorry, "Chester" on the vertical stabilizer) loses the teal/green outline
  • The winglets (scimitars in this case) receive a swooping design, featuring the green more prominently
This is part of AS's overall rebranding strategy that's slowly being phased in.

Tail and scimitar wingtip in new livery. Photo: VNAFlyer
Inboard of scimitar wingtip in new
livery. Photo: VNAFlyer
Another Alaska 738 in the current livery. Photo: VNAFlyer

Like the new livery? Hate it? No opinion? Share your thoughts below in the comments!